Why Do We Help Home Services Companies Grow? Watch The RocketRoof Story With The Founder, Dan Jacobs

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RocketRoof.AI has helped home services companies nationwide generate more customers. So how did RocketRoof.AI become the powerhouse that it is today?
Our founder, Dan Jacobs, designed the 100+ million-dollar, end-to-end marketing system over the course of 20 years with the aim of helping businesses to scale and grow. Dan initially created the system for his own business pursuits, and the exponential Rocketship type growth that he experienced helped him realize that he could use it to help others!
As a serial entrepreneur, Dan Jacobs grew 4 different startup businesses in unrelated niches using his marketing system and ended up helping these startups generate over 100 million dollars in revenue.
These businesses were in the following niches:
What brought RocketRoof into fruition? One day, a local roofer reached out to Dan and remarked that he was having issues consistently acquiring clients.
He had tried:
Before RocketRoof, the roofer was having difficulty consistently landing more jobs, and was afraid that he would never be able to give his family the nice vacations and comfortable lifestyle that they deserved.
Dan used everything he knew and decided to create a new, marketing growth system for home services businesses.
When RocketRoof started working with the roofing company, they were doing 5 to 10 jobs a month and had a crew of 8 workers that they could not keep busy.
Within a month, RocketRoof generated more than 20 home services opportunities with high intent homeowners for the roofing company. The local roofer ended up adding over $150,000 in revenue from the 8 roof replacement jobs that he signed from the leads, yielding a 15X ROI. The rest is history. Success was born!
RocketRoof invites you to join us!