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Client Results

"Unlike Angis, if you take the number of leads RocketRoof.ai sent us, versus the number of contracts we got...it's like REALLY GOOD"

Reina | Greey Construction | Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I closed one...went over there, start to finish, it was 12 minutes. It was a VERY, very good lead!"

Chuck | Rio Blanco Roofing | San Antonio, Texas

"Really like what you guys have been doing so far...we can FINALLY get the customers who have no solicitation signs and ring cameras!"

Josue | Urena Roofing | Houston, Texas

"Before RocketRoof.ai, we were getting leads from TV and Angis which was ok...but not great. NOW, we get appointments right in our calendar and just keep GROWING and GROWING!"

Yanni | Rooftop Designs | Beltsville, Maryland & Chicago, Illinois