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Your pipeline of high quality and local appointments will stay full. We have fine-tuned our process through extensive research, and you will never have to worry about empty calendars again. In fact, you might have so many new clients that you may find it hard to keep up!

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Start Receiving More Leads and Appointments So You Can Grow Your Business.

The Old Way

The New Way

Fill your calendar with clients that are ready to do business with you by using our proven marketing system v2.0 with over 100 Million Dollars in Results


Use Our Proven, Social Media Ad System That Has Yielded over 100 Million Dollars in Results

We can’t promise to make you TikTok or YouTube famous, but we can help you grow your roofing business with proven social media marketing. Before RocketRoof, home services companies relied heavily on word of mouth referrals and networking. Level up your business with our proven marketing system.
With RocketRoof, home services companies receive local and high-quality opportunities with homeowners that are specific to their area. Our custom designed social media ads use precision targeting to get you qualified leads and appointments that nobody else is able to acquire! Tap into business that is waiting for you.

Put Client Cultivation On Cruise Control Using Two-Way Messaging and Email Nurturing

A marketing agency will only get you leads. Sadly, this approach leaves a high margin of error and puts all the work on you. At RocketRoof, we do it all for you. Before RocketRoof, cultivating these relationships was a time consuming and delicate process. Risking thousands of dollars a month to hope and pray that they take the bait and book is bad business. We don’t believe in that sort of thing!
Not only can RocketRoof find you qualified homeowner leads, but they can also cultivate them for you into booked appointments. Don’t waste any more time chasing down leads or struggling to fill your calendar. Ask Us About Our Done-For-You Appointment Service. Once they are ready to commit, we book them in your calendar, and you are notified. You just show up, work out a price, and sign the contract.

Exclusive Leads Not Enough? Add Our Done-For-You Appointment Booking Service For A Steady Stream Of High-Quality Leads And Done-For-You Homeowner Appointments.

Before RocketRoof, home services companies had to learn how to make cold calls and deal with being ghosted by leads. That is our job. We prequalify homeowners for you which is a service that benefits everyone. That way, their time is not wasted, and neither is yours. All you need to do is show up!
With RocketRoof, our expert team can work your leads for you to book qualified appointments. This will allow you to focus on writing estimates and closing deals. We will put qualified clients face-to-face with you so you can do what you are best at. Also, we share the information collected from each homeowner, so you go into each meeting with what you need to be successful!
After 1 Month of Service, Justin G was able to sell 8 roof replacements for over $150,000 in sales at a 15X Return on Investment (ROI).
During their first week of service, a roofing/remodeling client was able to sign a $45,000 Vinyl Siding project to update their home’s curb appeal.

Client Results

"Unlike Angis, if you take the number of leads RocketRoof.ai sent us, versus the number of contracts we got...it's like REALLY GOOD"

Reina | Greey Construction | Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I closed one...went over there, start to finish, it was 12 minutes. It was a VERY, very good lead!"

Chuck | Rio Blanco Roofing | San Antonio, Texas

"Really like what you guys have been doing so far...we can FINALLY get the customers who have no solicitation signs and ring cameras!"

Josue | Urena Roofing | Houston, Texas

"Before RocketRoof.ai, we were getting leads from TV and Angis which was ok...but not great. NOW, we get appointments right in our calendar and just keep GROWING and GROWING!"

Yanni | Rooftop Designs | Beltsville, Maryland & Chicago, Illinois

Area & Contractor Exclusivity

All opportunities are exclusive to you in your area.


Rekindle Lost Contacts

Reignite the flame with contacts that have gone cold.


Custom CRM

Track ROI with a customized CRM.


Client Success Manager

Convert more homeowners into clients with a personal touch.


24/7 Personal Support Team

An around the clock support team for every need.


Automated Reporting

Live bi-weekly metric reporting at your fingertips.


Automated Reporting

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Roofing Marketing Agency

Here Are Some FAQs That We Are Often Asked.

Will this work for new home services companies?
Yes! We have helped jumpstart many companies that are just starting out. By starting out your company with RocketRoof, you instantly jump ahead of established companies stuck getting clients the “old” way. RocketRoof provides qualified opportunities that are exclusive to you!
Will this work for my company?
With a customer success manager, a team of proven leaders, and full-exclusivity in your area, you will be lined up to grow your business in a scalable way.
Does this work in a unique and challenging market?

We have our performance guarantee to eliminate risk. After spending hundreds of thousands on advertisements in almost every state, we have first hand experience in understanding how to enter into a new market. You will be in the hands of a proven service that has entered hundreds of unique markets.

Does this work with my current CRM?
We use our CRM to follow up, cultivate, and book clients. It is easy to use and low maintenance, and it can be used in conjunction with your current CRM if you so choose.
How quickly can I implement your service?
The great news is that after you claim your area, we can create and launch your customized system in 7 days or less!
Do social media ads work?
Social media ads are extremely effective if they are run with a proven recipe. This process takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to get data back from. We have a proven process that works!
Do I need a Facebook Page?
You do need a Facebook Business Page, and the good news is that it only takes 5 minutes to create one. Whether you have 1 or 10,000 followers on Facebook, our social media marketing system produces results! Inquire about our followers and likes boost campaigns to boost the optics of your social media presence.
What makes RocketRoof so special?
Having a team of marketing professionals that have served hundreds of similar businesses is what ensures your company’s success in joining us. We want you to become a loyal customer, grow with our service, and in turn refer our service to other home service professionals.
Is my area available?
Click the button below and book a call! We will let you know if your area is available and if it is, we will walk you through our system!

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