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Build Your Pipeline

Dial in your current funnels or use one of our funnels, with the platform of your choice (FB, IG, YouTube…)

Follow Up With A.I.

Use A.I. to do personal follow up with your leads. This is the one thing that can grow any business.

Scale Your Sales Team

Let A.I. schedule calls so you can manage your sales team, identify top performers, and scale.

Are Your Appointment Setters

... "Setting Your Money On Fire!?" ...

Statistically speaking, yes, yes they are… That’s because on average it takes 21 touchpoints to get someone on the phone with you. And if you give them 10 leads a day, here’s what happens:

Actual Requirement:

21 touch points x 10 leads x 30 days = 6,300 touchpoints per month

Actual Requirement:

Motivated, consistent, shows up everyday, follows up with leads after-hours.

Actual Requirement:

Continues follow up for 3... 6... 12 months and understands that majority of people buy over a period of time.

Actual Performance:

5 touchpoints x 10 leads x 30 days = 1,500 touchpoints per month (23% of req.)

Actual Performance:

Good and bad days, inconsistent and/or sloppy, shows up most days, quits at 5:00pm

Actual Performance:

Follows up with leads for 30 days and then moves on to the newest, warmest leads. Complains the leads aren't ready to buy.

See the problem yet? I'll explain a little more...

Your appointment setters and salespeople want to work as little as they absolutely have to.

If it was up to them, they would only work warm leads.

But the reality is… And every “great” salesperson in the world knows this… Your fortune is in your follow up!

The majority of your leads don’t schedule right away, and they also don’t buy right away.

So if you’re currently relying on only getting new leads to generate calls and sales, then you’re only about an inch away from absolute disaster.

EX 1: If anything changes platform-wise and you can’t run ads anymore, you’re donezo!
EX 2: If your costs go up and you don’t have high margins, you’re donezo!
EX 3: If a new, better competitor or technology comes in… and you can’t compete… you’re donezo!

But the real solution to all of it is pretty basic, boring, and overlooked…

It’s to just follow up with your friggin’ leads!

(I bet if you did more of that after reading this, you can prove to yourself that what I’m talking about here is not only accurate, but precise.)

If you look at the numbers, nobody can manage 6,300 messages a month… And that’s only 10 new leads per day. Just imagine what happens when you scale that up?

So as you’ll hear in the video above, and read throughout this page…

Myself (Josh Harris), Dan Kennedy, and some other really smart people all agree on one thing:

You need systems to do the heavy lifting of follow up… NOT people.

Here's Where We Focus The Most On

Just to give you an idea of what it looks like to work with us, we have a simple process.

Identifying Your Avatar

Who is the specific person that's qualified, ready to buy right now, and can use your help?

"Beefing Up" Your Offer/Pitch

If your offer isn't unique, what selling points can we incorporate in your offer/pitch and what does your value stack look like?

Figuring Out Your Angles

What are the "hot buttons" that are being used right now to generate your leads, get them interested, and get them to schedule?

Dialing In Your Conversion Funnel

What's the step-by-step conversation that primes a warm lead for a scheduled phone call, and then gets them to schedule it?

Dialing In Your Nurturing Funnel

What touch points and communication do your leads need to see before they'll warm up, engage with, and trust your business?

Dialing In Your Content Funnel

How do we educate the 1%, 5% and 95% of people on your list with content so they become interested and pay attention?

How Does A.I. Sales Systems Help Me?


Build Your Setting & Sales Pipelines The Right Way

Our data shows that 1% of the people who opt-in right now, are actually ready to buy.

5% of the people who opt-in, can be closed with a "push."

And 95% of the people who opt-in, need a lot of nurturing and touch-points before they can be closed.

We teach you how to capitalize on each segment and build your pipeline.


Use One Of Our $10,000,000 Conversation Funnels

We've generated over $10,000,000 in cash-collected for our own business over the years, and we've helped our clients generate much more than that in their businesses.

We've combined our best funnel combinations with A.I. on a self-serve platter you can choose from and have our specialists help you implement.

This is typically what we recommend to our clients:

  1. The first step is to dial in your call booking funnel.
  2. The second step is to dial in your nurturing funnel.
  3. The last step is to dial in your content funnel.


Close More Deals, Make More Money, Hire More Closers

As you scale, we're here to support you and your team. We have a training portal that you can use to get new recruits up to speed quickly, full of best practices for growing a pipeline and maximizing opportunity.

We've learned from, worked with, studied under, and received feedback from the best salespeople in the industry. We will show you everything that we've learned along our $10,000,000+ journey.

Want To See Results? Check These Out...

$54,000 Per Week... Within 36 Days.

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$54,000 Per Week... Within 36 Days.

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$54,000 Per Week... Within 36 Days.

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$54,000 Per Week... Within 36 Days.

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From The Desk Of Daniel Jacobs
November, 2022

A Letter About Scaling Your Business In 2022 Using A.I.

Scaling your business as a coach, consultant, agency, or service provider isn't hard.

The whole “Work long hours, build large teams, fulfill labor-intensive products, develop template processes…” thing is becoming a figment of the past.

Why? Because the future isn’t “the grind.”

It’s not “templates,” and it’s definitely not “appointment setters.”

It never has been, even though many gurus of the past would like you to believe it is.

You know what the future is?

The future is fully-automated A.I. systems that are able to do 99% of the heavy lifting for you, in terms of following up with and scheduling your leads.

Dan Kennedy thinks the same in Chapter 4 of Relentless Follow Up.

… Salespeople are negligent and lousy at follow-up.

They are lazy about it, but worse they resist it because they – and often those up the food chain above them in their company – don’t actually believe in it.

If you depend on humans doing selling, you’ll drift to depending on salespeople to do follow-up; they won’t, and that leaves your business fragile.”

People with systems in place to follow up with their leads, will be lethal in their marketplaces during 2022... 2023... and for the foreseeable future.

People without these systems will fade out of their marketplaces, and lose their revenue to people who DO HAVE these systems.

It’s a hard reality to face, but it’s coming much sooner than most people realize.

We’ve reached a point in society where people no longer want to work hard and long hours. That includes your setters and closers.

They’ve all dabbled in side hustles like crypto, stocks, etc.

And they’re all convinced that making $10,000 a month or less, working for someone else, isn’t good enough for them anymore.

So here's the trend you should be aware of... (It's affecting everyone):

  • Good appointment setters jump at the first opportunity to become closers.
  • Good closers jump at the first opportunity to make more commissions elsewhere.
  • Neither group is as motivated as it once was in 2017.. 2018.. all the way to 2021.

And here's the solution you're looking for... (It takes days to implement):

  • Stop relying on appointment setters to build your pipeline! (Most churn in their first 1-3 months!)
  • Start relying on systems that can convert, nurture, deliver content to, and schedule your leads.
  • Scale your sales team and feed them more opportunity, using your systems to deliver appointments and provide you with a tight feedback loop.

(Ex. Track exactly where your schedules, shows, and closed deals are coming from)

How does A.I. work and why can't you just use another, cheaper system/software?

Our A.I. simulates real human interaction (not just chat bot functionality) and it can work your leads at a rate of 4x+ compared to your best appointment setters.

The entire approach is software agnostic, meaning it can either plug-into or replace your current software, systems, and processes.

If you have something that works, we won’t ask you to abandon it.

We’ll show you where to plug our approach and A.I. in so you can get fast results… (minus the learning curve)

And if you don’t have something that works, we have the experience to help you mold your offer into one of our $10,000,000 conversation funnels.

Either pathway works under the same understanding:

  • You have to build a pipeline to grow your business
  • You have to follow up with leads to grow your business
  • You have to build a sales team to grow your business

And there’s one more piece to it

You have to leverage systems, not people, to grow your business
(Read Relentless Follow Up Ch. 4 By Dan Kennedy Sometime)